Ming Thein’s Lego GTO


While the Geneva Salon goes mental for a succession of hybrid concepts in supercar packages, we were delighting in the technical exactitide of this beautiful recreation of the Ferrari 250 GTO in Lego form.

Malaysian theoretical physicist, photojournalist and Lego-kinky craftsman Ming Thein used a combination of custom made bits and pieces and offcuts from Lego production models to create this amazing little model. It has a full working drive train and suspension, as well as an engine compartment that evokes the snarling beauty of the V12 original, but something of its essence, we think you’ll agree, actually conjures up some of the achingly gorgeous lines of the car itself.

And it occurred, if all the mainstream manufacturers are falling over themselves to find a way to produce true supercars with green credentials, shouldn’t some of them harness the modular, renewable genius of Lego to produce their vehicles? Surely that is a more realistic way of protecting the planet than sticking an electric battery engine in an industrially produced six litre GT?

Ming is happy to produce custom orders of his miniature works of automotive art, so if you’d like to commission an original creation, get in touch.

Watch this space, meanwhile for a roundup of the Geneva Show once the shouting is over.


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