Lewis Hamilton’s Automotive Bling


It’s no secret that here at Influx towers we’re Lewis Hamilton fans.

In a strange, fascinating season in the ever-evolving oligarch’s carnival that is F1. And as we said when he started the process with McLaren – lewis is letting some of his suburban baditude slip. And we love him for it.

You can’t forget that this kid is from a council estate on the edges of the London metropolitan region – and that he has fought tooth and nail all his life to gain the precipice of Motorsport. Our money is on Lewis to not drop the baton now.

And when he wears hi-end automotive bling like this Warhol piece around his neck – it bodes well.

And yes – it is owned by Mercedes. The copyright, that is.

Go Lewis.

Lewis-Bling Warhol_MB300Coupe_REP