Van Crush: DKW 3/6 Retro Van


OK: forget your T1 Split screen Microbus. We’ve found a better retro van.

And it’s called the DKW 3/6.

Before WW2 DKW was a two-stroke specialist manufacturer of motorbikes – and this 1960 wagon came with a torquey two-stroke 3 cylinder which was lively enough to burn rubber and to tow a caravan on the highway and cruise at 60 MPH.


Road and Track, according to RM auctions who recently sold this baby in Arizona for $60K, said its best quality was its handling on the open road, “which can only be described as amazing.”

Throw in ahead-of-its-time features like a curbside door with five feet eight inches of headroom, a flat floor, and front-wheel drive, and the DKW is a look forward at the minivans that were to come decades later.

It’s Friday, we’re in love.

images courtesy RM Auctions