Lexus LFA crowned King of the ‘Ring


For any of you who didn’t follow last Friday’s tweet, we thought this footage is more than worthy of a daily post. Especially as the car is so brutally lovely.

Lexus’s LFA Nürburgring Edition has just run the ‘ring in 7:14 at the hands of driver Akira Iida.

This is quickest time from a mainstream carmaker and beats the previous record, set by a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, by four seconds.

Obviously this is a tweaked version of the LFA, which will cost you £55,000 more than the ‘bog standard’ (!) £345,000 LFA.

Apart from general record breaking kudos, for that extra money you get a bunch of aerodynamic carbon-fibre add-ons, including a jutting front spoiler, fins ahead of the front wheel and a massive rear wing.

This downforce-heavy package is counteracted by a set of tuning tweaks that squeeze 562bhp out of the 4.8-litre V10. That’s 10bhp more than in the standard car.

There’s reworked suspension too that slings the body 10mm lower than the standard LFA.

You could of course score a very nice nearly new 911 with the difference..but hey, we’re in the world of automotive fantasy here, so you might as well just sit back and mind drive a very hairy (but remarkably smooth) seven minutes.


2 Responses to “Lexus LFA crowned King of the ‘Ring”

  1. Is that  a dragon or the star ship Enterprise in the sky at 6.00 minutes?
    For those of us who have never experienced the whole track this is excellent.