Hot Rod focus – the Roach Coach


This friday it’s not so much that we’re fetishising a particular brand of motor. We’re just simply gobsmacked by the passion attention to imaginative detail that is demonstrated in these types of ground-up hot rod madness.

When you consider how much time, effort and money must have gone into the creation of these monstrosities, the mind boggles.

We can’t find out that much about these particular babies, except for the fact that the bubble-screened ‘Roach Coach’ (above) was built by a mysterious character known as ‘The Egyptian’ and is still in existence, locked up in a garage somewhere in Dayton, Ohio.

Somewhere in a deep childhood memory I can see a number of cars like these in my Hot Wheels collection.

Oh to have the time and resources to create a real live, driveable version. Hats off to the anonymous backyard visionaries behind this sort of engineering brilliance!



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  1. vipertruck99

    you need to do a second post on this topic,or even the great tom daniels.truly from the sublime to the buck armoured bank truck,s’cool bus wheelie school bus,paddy wagon police van
    etc etc