Little Monkeys


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Images: Lynsey Hunter, Bike Magazine

It might be that I’m a father of three, trying to work out how to have a fun, shared experience with my little ones. But dang it if I’m not in the mood for making the absurd purchase of a monkey bike. Not sure about what exactly it is that has these little bundles of fun burning in my brain.

Honda have been the best known for producing these miniatures – and the contemporary Motra is one of the derivatives of this all to rare form – and we’ve lusted after the paratroopers’ Welbike here before now.

But you can’t beat the mid-seventies manifestation of these things. They bring to mind the second wave of skateboarding, California, cow-horned custom bicycles and a life of endless easy living.

A school friend of mine’s dad made the smart move of bringing one into his family fold – thereby cementing the kid’s adoration of him for eternity.

Perhaps I want to be a dad like that, or perhaps just a kid again.

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