Lotus Esprit in Movement


Stumbled across this very beautiful video below recently of the Lotus Esprit (first version).

Made us reassess the beauty of the most extreme British- made Wedge ever designed. Made us think that it would be very, very pleasant to own one. And you can get these for a song these days.

Made us look forward, too, with even more intensity for their much vaunted range of Future releases.

If the design of these new concepts ends up being as extreme and dynamic as the original Esprit, then the future certainly looks bright for the Norfolk firm.


3 Responses to “Lotus Esprit in Movement”

  1. Cycle2worker

    My interest in the S1 Esprit was reignited when I saw one in this exact colour way on a trip to Barcelona in 2008. It was on the top road near the University and Miles Vander Roe museum something about the setting and the cars colour and styling just clicked and I realised that with the passing of time sometimes the original really is the best. You could say the same about the original Countach too what we thought was stylish in the 80’s just turned out to be vulgar plastic add ons.
    I,d love one as my everyday car but I,d have to join the AA.

  2. Hatfield124

    Awsome car, great video I am on the look out for a good one before the prices go thro the roof WHICH THEY WILL!

  3. thejudge

    I’m the lucky owner of a red 1979 Esprit S2 (a 50th birthday present to myself four years ago) and a 1976 red Elite 501 (an impulse purchase at a car show!). I’ve owned the Esprit for four years – and it’s a show winner! I’ve owned the Elite since last September and it is about to make its show debut this season. I never thought I’d ever own one of them, never mind both. They are both stunning examples in concourse condition – and I can’t  ever 
    see me parting with either of them. They are both eye-catching head turners and receive a lot of attention where ever I take them. If you get a chance to pick either model up, take it – the opportunity may not come again!