Aston Martin DB4 GT Superleggera


This gobsmacking beauty has been sitting around in our image files for months now. Every now and then we’ve been firing up the Adobe Suite and opening the hi-res files and simply wasting a few minutes of valuable time taking in the spectacle. We haven’t really wanted to share, but on this midsummer weekend we cracked.

Only six of these lightweight versions of the already rare DB4 GT were ever made – and the ‘superleggera’ tag didn’t mean that the gentlemanly presence of Aston Martin was compromised. The fastback coachwork was designed by Touring, the carrozeria in MIlan, and produced under licence at Newport Pagnal. The bulk of weight was struck off the ordinary GT by reducing the wheelbase – and the engine could produce in excess of 300 BHP.

This is a 1963 version that was auctioned by RM recently – and you can see more than a passion resemblance to the great Ferrari 250 SWB Berlinettas with which it was often seen in competition.

We love the SWB, but we think this Lightweight Aston pips it in the aesthetic stakes.

Images Courtesy RM Auctions