Mazda Familia Wagon


In our ongoing search for the killer-est retro-cool runabout for a family of five with a bit of time on its hands, we recently stumbled upon this very lovely customised Mazda Familia 1200.

The pictures come via the very interesting Nostalgic Japanese Car Blog, and it seems that this is the outcome of a typically Australian fetish for super durable wagons that can survive the heat and the dust of the outback and the boondocks.

And if you’ve ever spent any time down under, you’ll, like us, be able to see how the sun visored, seventies-kitchen look (complete with Venetian blinds to the rear) that the wagon evokes is just meant to be piloted by a fair-dinkum, walnut brown Ocker Aussie in tailored shorts, long woolen socks and a light blue, short sleeve shirt.

We know this is shameless national stereotyping, but hey, the World Cup is on and there’s never been a better time for it.

Perhaps, in the same way as the owners of pets begin over time to resemble the objects of their love, car lovers take on the characteristics of the objects of their automotive passions?

But that’s another story …