Husqvarna 400 Cross


There’s something badass about the very name Husqvarna.

The word has to be pronounced deep in the back of the throat, and it somehow reflects the raw simplicity of the bikes made by the Swedish brand.

The bikes from the early seventies, like this gorgeously brawny 400 Cross, are particularly desirable.

The bike’s classic caché is of course bolstered by the fact that this was the very bike ridden by Steve McQueen, alongside legendary off roader Malcolm Smith, in the amazing final sequence of Bruce Brown’s now iconic shredder flick On Any Sunday.

Husqvarna motorcyles is now a division of BMW Motorad, so though we haven’t ridden a Husky lately, we can bet the hairy, Swedish edges have been rounded off by market realities and corporate ownership.


2 Responses to “Husqvarna 400 Cross”

  1. Dirtjumper

    I had a Husky in the early eighties and it broke over and over again. Bought a KX 250 in the end. Much more reliable. The Husky was cool, though, and I kept it until it rotted in the back yard.