MG EX-E Concept


The MG EX – E was rather ahead of its time. Used as a test bed for future AR platforms, you can still see the embryonic MGF embedded deep in its spacey lines. And you don’t have to squint to see the side profile of the second generation Toyota MR2 and the Ford Probe.

Seeing former concepts from grand old badges like the MG makes you blanche at the way the marque has been devalued since the grand old days.

While Lotus are keeping the candle burning for (sort of) accessible Brit sports cars, we’re hoping the machinations of Chinese co-operation finally end up producing an MG sports car to which we can truly aspire.


2 Responses to “MG EX-E Concept”

  1. Roger Williams20

    The MG EX is a great looking car – shape would look good even now.

  2. I can see the MG-F in it's shape, but I'm not sure about the Ford Probe (except for the fact they both have pointy noses).

    Actually, Honda NSX anyone?