Radical Ferrari Render


These days the world of digital car  design can inspire the imagination whilst confusing the senses. The render technology  jockeyed by students in hi-end design academies is so powerful and the execution of design projects so exact you would swear that the fruit of their imaginations are cars out there in the market.

Sasha Selipanov’s incredibly feasible rendering of a Ferrari GT is a case in point.  Sasha was born in the Georgian city of Tbilisi and moved to Moscow at the age of 7. At 19, after completion of school, she left to study automobile design in the US.  The ‘612 GTO’ as she has called it, is a mind-forged  culmination of many Ferrar highlights of the last 30 years.  The  gaping ‘bocanegra’ style mouth reminds us of the front engined California, while from the side it evokes more readily the long limbed 599. In the hindquarters and at the rear, the mid-rear engined Berlinettas like the 512 BB and the 430 come to mind. Those headlamps, meanwhile, are straight-ahead 458.

“The idea was not to create some sort of Futurist car,” she recently told Russian online design forum  Designlenta , “I wanted to create something that could exist right now.”

Perchance to dream.


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