Bikesploitation: The Mini Skirt Biker Mob

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biker flick from the sixties may be a low point in Bikesploitation

Time was when the mix of girls and biker gangs was truly threatening.

At least that’s what you’d be led to believe if you were a viewer of Bikesploitation flicks of the late sixties.

It’s an absurd genre. At the high end there are of course biker films like the The Wild One and Easy Rider – but between that twenty year pole of high points there are many nadirs. And The Mini Skirt Mob is surely the maddest biker flick to ever exploit a subcult.

The narrative is pretty easy to fathom.

Shayne, the leader of a Honda-riding biker gang known as the Mini-Skirt Mob, has been jilted by her lover, cowboy star Jeff Logan who has married straight-laced Connie.

Shayne enlists the rest of her biker gang to help her break up the newlyweds and get Jeff back – even if that means killing him in the process.

Her revenge escalates until her sister Edie is killed by a Molotov cocktail and Shayne finds herself hanging by a thread over a deadly chasm. Should Connie let go before Jeff returns with the police?

mini skirt mob poster

Rest assured the film is replete not only a smattering of Triumphs and cool little Japanese runabouts – but is also chock full of short skirted chicks out on the road causing havoc to man, beast and Jesus freak. There are of course enough gratuitous pseudo-lewd sequences to make a Carry On enthusiast blush.

But this particular flick is put together with the kind of truly bad acting that puts it out there amongst the worst.

The film geeks out there among you may spot one of the great Hollywood cult actors in there – a man by the name of Harry Dean Stanton.

Worth checking out, if only for morbid curiosity about how this stuff ever got made.