Miserocchi’s Masterpiece

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how one man created a driving style totem

Giulio Miserocchi can be credited with creating ‘the driving shoe’.

The Italian cobbler was based in the Piedmontese village of Domodossola – and it was there he would hand-sew what would become the first ever driving moccasin.

This was back in 1942, in the dark depths of WW2 – and it shows remarkable tenacity and crafty vision for Miserocchi to have created the beautiful mocc in soft leather, atop a nubby rubber sole when there was battle raging all around him. This perhaps, shows the attention the Italians gave to such things as driving style.


The shoe was designed to make it easier on the wearer’s foot as they drove – the soft upper and loose stitching intended to help the shoe shape to your foot while the texturised bottoms helped with grip.

Miserocchi’s driving loafers of course became a critical part of the classic Italian look – and Miserocchi’s sons have continued plying the craft.

The company still hand makes every pair in Domodossola today.