MOONROD by Heavy Poly: like a Dune Bug, but better…


Get ready for the hottest lunar buggy this side of Cape Canaveral

Have you ever fantasised about a MOONROD?

You are not alone.

This week we stumbled upon a beautiful rendering. The moonrod is a perfect vehicle for ripping up the unregulated lunar landscape.

MOONROD is a hopped up, tricked-out version of the original Apollo Lunar Rover Vehicle (LRV). But it doesn’t compare to the original (below).


The original was driven by a single horsepower electric motor. It weighed in at less than 250KG. It was therefore hardly a performance alien ride.

They were sophisticated and madly expensive, with each element calibrated for extreme light weight, packability and durability.

They had to be stored and strapped to the ungainly Apollo Lunar Module, which traversed space to our lonely satellite in the latter Apollo missions.

Strange to think that these are the only four-wheeled vehicles ever to be driven on ground outside of the fetters of our world and its woes. They are still up there, too, in their lonely resting places on the moon.

The rendering comes from the folks at HEAVYPOLY INDUSTRIES. Heavypoly use cutting edge digital design tech to create all sorts of products. Their work should tweak any design-oriented imagination.


The ‘Moonrod’ isn’t the only product on a fascinating site. The HOVERBIKES are well worth a look, too.

Stay tuned for more features on Heavypoly’s output.