Porsche 911 T SWB is an unmolested beauty


There's a purity of form about unmolested early Porsche 911s

The Porsche 911 boom is moving on apace.

Prices for every designation have been going through the roof, despite these uncertain times. The web is, therefore, awash. Everywhere there are tricked-out, hopped up, winged, stripped, louvred and examples blown to within an inch of their life.

Sometimes it is refreshing therefore to enjoy the purity of form of a simple early Porsche 911 like this green beauty.


This one is soon to be at Auction via Silverstone Auction’s Porsche sale, which will take place on 14-15 October at the Wing – above the pits at the premier race circuit.

The totemic Porsche 911 first appeared at the 1963 Frankfurt Show. This was known as the ‘901’. Shortly after production proper commenced in 1964, it had become the ‘911’. This was because of cantankerous Peugeot’s complaints about the use of ‘0’ model numbers.

The Porsche 911 kept the successful rear-engined layout of the 356. It opted, however, for a unitary construction body. This came with the modern MacPherson struts/trailing arm combo that proved to provide more positive handling.

This lovely green edition dates from 1968. The T here stands for ‘Touring’, rather than the Targa of later models. This version came with a new 2.0-litre engine. The engine produced 110 PS – and this version of the car replaced the pretty but underpowered entry level 912. The year after this car was introduced the wheel base was lengthened by 57mm, so this car is known as the original SWB version.

It’s a joy to behold. In simplicity lies the answer.