The Murena's, long, sleek profile was its USP.

The beautiful rare Murena GT


A very rare beast

Images via Cats Exotics

We’ve been known to fetishise the odd shooting brake.

And this Murena GT must be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever come across.

According to the webs it was built in 1969 by Intermeccanica of Turin for Murena Motors of New York – and as such it had the style of the Italian crossed with the beating heart of Detroit. It came with a 429 CI V8 which, we think, was probably sourced from Ford – just as those wheels were obviously nabbed from a MK1 Ford Capri.

The long low profile is deliciously sleek- and the whole concoction reminds us somewhat of a Lamborghini Espada crossed with a Jensen Interceptor.

Reeks of testosterone and a very distinct kind of turn-of-the-’70s style.