Lamborghini Zagato 3500 GTZ


When Zagato met Lambo

This is a one-off Lamborghini-Zagato collab.

And don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a result of the oneupmanship that was riddled through the relationship between Ferruccio and il commendatore.

You’ve heard the story. The Lambo boss was upset at the finish quality of his Ferrari (we think it was a 250 GTO), that he complained right to Sig. Ferrari himself. The guvnor told Ferruccio to go back and work on his tractors and that he should let him worry about the design of his cars.

In response, of course, Lamborghini went ahead and produced the 350GTV.

A face that could be mistaken for Toyota's 2000GT
A face that could be mistaken for Toyota’s 2000GT

Zagato’s designer Ercole Spada was given the task of updating the Touring/ Bizzarini design of 350 GTV in 1965: and he came up with this one-off. Admittedly, it looks so close to Ferrari’s 250 GTO – so close that it never went into full production despite its undeniable pulchritude.

Strange that such an incredibly pretty car was rejected. Perhaps the slightly more brutal aesthetic of all Lambos after this one stems directly from this pretty piece of Ferrari flattery.

While Zagato might be known for its Marmite designs, we think anyone would agree this is perhaps the prettiest Lamborghini to roll a wheel.



3 Responses to “Lamborghini Zagato 3500 GTZ”

  1. Dan Simkins

    The Prettiest Lamborghini – I personally don’t think this even looks like a Lambo and if it wasn’t for the badge I would never have guessed.

    I think when it comes to Lambo my definition of pretty changes – I will use fashion as an analogy, normally pretty might be a girl dressed in Gap or Jack Wills but when it comes to Lambo’s I would expect to see a girl dressed from the Catwalks of Paris.

    So this Lambo lacks the something “special” that would make this Lambo pretty to me. I would want to see custom tailoring something slightly wacky different to the norm. I don’t know this is just my opinion, a pretty Lambo is one with every sequin and jewel chucked at it!

    • Damien Cross

      Yeah as you say it depends on what you define ‘pretty’ as and, for me, Lambos aren’t normally ‘pretty’ – they are dynamic and striking, so although I’m not sure this is the best looking Lambo, I agree with Mike Fordham that this is the prettiest.

      • Dan Simkins

        See I would argue that Lambo’s are normally pretty, again I will use fashion as my analogy.

        Pretty could be a generically looking nice person! Middle of the road. But Lambo’s are high end pretty, fantastic door lines are the strong cheek bones, and the fantasticly strong moulded front bumpers are those chiseled jaws you see on the Paris runways.

        So again I argue they are high end pretty!