Thrive Motorcycles


images via Pipeburn

The postcolonial custom scene isn’t one that gets a lot of attention. But Thrive motorcycles is an example of how the custom bike scene is finding adherents in parts of the world you might not have expected.

Deus of course, have traded stylishly from their outpost in Bali for a while now, but this is slightly different. According to lovely bike blog Pipeburn, who blogged about Thrive’s debut Yamaha Scorpio back in March, the bike is the handiwork of Indra Pratama.

images via Pipeburn

The Yamaha Scorpio is popular, it seems, in Indo (news to us) and the biker crew of that huge archipelago don’t have much choice in which bikes they can work on because of strict low displacement regulations (though in the video it looks like he’s working on a Harley Sportster).

Lovely bike – and lovely video to go with it, especially the inspired use of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.