Peugeot DKR


Look at these shots of the new Peugeot DKR.

Takes me back to being a kid in the park hankering in vain after those big wheeled, petrol driven radio controlled cars that the older boys were having so much fun with.

Over 30 years on and, unless I suddenly become a world class endurance rally driver, nothing much has changed so once again I’ll have to love this big boy’s toy at a distance. But love it I do.

After a 25 year absence this machine marks Peugeot’s return to the world’s toughest race, the Paris Dakar Rally.

All technical specs are top secret right now so we have to go with what we see. Which is that they have got hold of their 2008 SUV crossover and sent it down the gym to pump some serious iron.

And man has it buffed up good. With its angular sculpted body and those swollen 37 inch Michelin tyres it’s already a winner in the looks department.

But all that body work is for a good reason, this machine has got to eat sand and spit out hard miles. Come January next year we’ll see if this new incarnation can cut it in the 16 day maelstrom of diesel and dust that is the Dakar.

Can I have a go? Please Mr.Peugeot!