Facel Vega FV2B Coupé


Try reinventing yourself as a super villain.

You’ll need a sadistic streak, a loud aquamarine double breasted suit, (think 80’s Bowie) a Trilby of the same colour and a ray gun.

Now allow yourself a cruel chuckle as you slide into the leather seat of your evil wheels, the Facel Vega Coupe.


World domination aside this surely is a car to crave.

Although designed and built in 1950’s France this ride has more than a whiff of Americana about it. In fact it’s the big fins, panoramic windscreen and stack of brightwork that propel it straight into the world of the comic book.

Getting your ass kicked by the good guys is tough work so you deserve a little luxury in life and the Vega delivers just that. Inside the trim is second to none, all leather and walnut with electric windows and an aircraft inspired dash.

And the tantalising thing is that its available soon at RM’s Monaco auction.

All in all the perfect machine for any self loathing villain looking for trouble on the mean streets of Gotham. Must sell a kidney.

images RM Auctions