Paul Newman – Racer

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Paul Newman was a racer.

We’ve pointed it out before, as you can see – but when we recently found some stunning race pics of the man on the Rolex Blog, we thought we’d take another look.

Story goes he discovered his love for car racing whilst filming his 1969 movie ‘Winning’, in which he plays Frank Capua, a rising star on the race circuit who dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500.


We haven’t seen the full film – but we can imagine it uses the same sort of aesthetic as other films of that period like Le Mans and Grand Prix. Hammy plot, in other words, but interspersed with blistering period action.

But anyway – we think with all the furore about Steve McQueen’s petrol veined attitude of late – we should delve into the back catalogue of another ‘king of cool’ to see if there is anything worth aspiring to in the race career of old blue eyes.

He certainly wears a racing suit well, does our man.


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  1. Alexis Madrid

    Dear Michael, is it possible you can send me your email so I can ask you a few questions about this article/pictures? I work at one of Paul Newman’s camps in Los Angeles, CA. My email is [email protected]. Loved the pictures and wanted to ask about one in particular.