Porsche 912


I’ve had the pleasure of walking past this very lovely Porsche 912 every week for the last six months or so.

I’m always impressed with its subtle, unassuming but elegant presence – and must admit I have been coveting its understated style ever since I set eyes on it. Interest was piqued all the more when I spotted this fascinating home movie of a lucky fellah picking up his 912 from Stuttgart.

Thanks to our friends at iedei.

These were introduced by Porsche as a bridge between the later 356s and the early 911s; were much more affordable because of the simpler spec and the inclusion of a four cylinder engine over the 911’s burly flat 6.

In fact, they apparently outsold the early 911s, and were only discontinued in Europe when the heavily VW-specced 914 was released.

They made a brief reappearance with a fuel injected 2 litre version in the states in 1976. You can pick them up for really reasonable prices too – though we reckon this won’t last…