Porsche 356 Outlaw Love


Porsche 356

images: Emory

We’ve had a bit of a thing about Porsche 356 ‘Outlaws’these last few weeks.

Some would say that the entire idea of rodding and modding a vintage Porsche 356, despite the undeniable badness of many a result, is some kind of automotive sacrilege.

But we love the edgy kind of blasphemy that drops and cleans a factory classic.

Ask Emory, an Oregon workshop with a long history of modifying 356s with a particular sort of streetish panache, and they’ll claim that they coined the phrase ‘Outlaw’ way back in the 1980s – when the concourse obsessive compulsive scene was at a height of anal retentiveness.

Now, these outriders at the edge of respectable mod culture have been brought into the fold, and have become an accepted Porsche subgenre.

There’s still an edge to the look, though. Especially if you put a heavily inked woman at the wheel.