The Ultimate Car Brochure?


Imagine the scenario. It’s 1969. In an idle moment aboard your yacht in the marina in Monte Carlo, surrounded as you are by lascivious models, Cuban cigars and grand cru , you decide it’s time to go into the road racing game.

You hop on the Learjet to Stuttgart, and soon are being shown around the plant by one of Ferdinand Piech himself. A rather interesting little machine is just beginning to roll off the production line, available for a select group of valued clients.

Turns out this phenomenon happens to be The 917, and you decide to mull it over back in Monaco. Flicking through this brochure you have to decide. What would be better; battling the aggressive mechanicity of the Ferrari-Slayer as detailed elegantly in the brochure? Or for the tenth of the price buying another 911 and returning to your complacent, playboy lifestyle?

Two 911 engines bolted together in a fibreglass shell. 850 KG. Zero-125MPH in a little over 5 seconds. Top end of 240MPH.