Faston Hanks and the Ultimate Barn Find


In your dreams you saw a glimpse of something interesting through a dusty warehouse window…you prised open the rotten old doorway..and there were 51. Yes 51 911s gathering the detritus of time and age.

Faston Hanks may be a literary creation – a fictional Automotive sleuth dreamt up in the fertile imagination of writer photographer Kevin Gosselin – but ye gads is this not the most unbelievable phenomenon?

If legend is actually true and this is not in reality some kind of grand and pointless hoax, this stash of Stuttgart steel was found in, of all places, deepest Wyoming

It may be stating the obvious that the vehicle of choice in said Western State is the Mack truck and the Mule – rather than the iconic german coupé. We’ve been staring at this story all day long and we still can’t work out how all these motors ended up here.

Answers on a postcard please!

Photos and full story by Kevin Gosselin
via A Time To Get