Porsche 928: The Movie Star Car

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Think Porsches in films. There must be loads right? But try to bring them to mind, or worse put them on paper, and suddenly they seem thin on the celluloid ground.

Easily the most memorable is not a 911 but its otherwise less famous cousin the 928- hitting the big screen in a central role next to the young Cruise in the 1983 flick Risky Business.

The 1979, V8, 5 speed manual was apparently the first ‘stick shift’ car that the actor had driven, which his character Joel Goodsen eventually nose dives into Lake Michigan trying to outrun an angry pimp.

Cruise obviously went on to superstardom but not so the 928. While that particular car – sprinkled with the magic Cruise dust – sold for just under $50,000 a few years ago, you could now pick up a 1979 model for less than $5,000 .

Whereas a 1979, 911 would likely fetch up to ten times as much, even with its lacklustre acting career.

The 928, on the market from 1978 to 1995, was originally slated as a replacement for the 911. That never happened and as the current market prices show it has never yet achieved the collectability of the 911.


Why? Perhaps because the striking 911 is essentially timeless in its design appeal, while the 928, with its more conventional front engine housing, looks more of its time and so a little dated for today’s tastes.

Still, as far as we can tell, the 928 has to be Stuttgart’s main contender for silver screen stardom.