Porsche 911 Concept


Design student puts 911 future behind him

Hold off on the anger, or excitement, as this 911 rethink comes from the pen of Pasadena design student and not from a Porsche employee.

Turkish designer Ege Arguden does know his way around a German design department though, having done intern work at both BMW and VW. His 901 concept project garnered a lot of interest when it emerged at the beginning of this year signaling a promising career in the industry.

His forward thinking method was to first go backward. Back to the original 901- the 1964 progenitor of the whole Porsche 911 line. As the models have become more luxurious they’ve expanded length ways. Arguden’s concept is much closer to the original body length of the 901, nearly 200mm shorter than the current 991 iteration.

The result is both sleek and modern whilst retaining some cues from those early models. The low slung rear, the wide arches , tight waist and the round headlights.

We think we can also spot some Magnus Walker influences here, with the body incorporated indicators and the circular vents over the engine- reminiscent of the ‘The Outlaw’s’ trademark louvered deck lid.

porsche concept rear

It’s a shame he didn’t take another card from the Outlaw’s deck, pushing the retro idea harder by eschewing the usual concept Sci-Fi metallic colours and giving this future vision an old school Porsche paint job.

For us that’d have made this ‘what if’ a must have.


Porsche concept front


2 Responses to “Porsche 911 Concept”

  1. Hope the engine is in the front or just behind the driver and not taking a step backwards by having it hanging out the rear still.