Steve McQueen Style Tips



OK, We know it’s a bit of a cliché to bang on about how Steve McQueen was the coolest man that ever walked the face of the earth. But it’s uncanny – the WWW keeps shoring up images that you can’t ignore. Look at him. One handed, riding his Triumph in Clark’s desert boots, Levis and white Fruit-Of-The-Loom. Casual as you like. Props to whoever managed to capture this image back in the sixties. And props to Marky P (again) for the scout.


3 Responses to “Steve McQueen Style Tips”

  1. Alphaknine

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s his mini Cooper in the background. It was distinctive because of it’s single foglight on the left hand facing side.

  2. Stuboorad

    cool as a cucumber, and wow would i love to have any where near the dosh to bid for his husky