The Driver

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Last night we at Influx towers decided to dig out our fave car flick. It’s been a while since we’ve seen it. Walter Hill’s dark car chase movie The Driver is a stone cold classic. In fact, not only is the driving the main feature in the movie, it actually is the movie.

The normally clean cut and all-American Ryan O”Neill plays an unlikely genius wheelman crim; and in this scene early on in the film, he demonstrates his dexterity, performing a horribly thrilling demolition job in the process.

What’s so great about this as a car movie is that, as opposed to the huge majority of the cheesy contemporary takes on car culture like ‘Fast and Furious’ etc, is that this is a film almost devoid of dialogue or clamouring score and relies solely on the cool, understated cinematography. That, an of course the mind numbingly brilliant driving.

Hunt it down.


3 Responses to “The Driver”

  1. vipertruck99

    not just a good car film,a good film.almost film noir.cinematography is superb check out a bit where the red stepside pickup,chevy from memory,pulls away and the speed and scenery is reflected in the rear window.the stunt driving is up with ronin and bullitt too if you are an action fan.