Tokyo Landcruiser


When you picture Tokyo and car culture what comes into your mind? 

Before we arrived here, we probably had the same image in our minds as you. Colourful bozuzoku madness. Phat dished über chavitutde wrought in candy and neon. That and dinky Kei cars, tiny boxes with Salary Men slumped behind the wheel on the drudge.

There’s a hint of truth in this, for sure – but what’s actually more quintessentially Tokyo, for us at least: is this absolutely immaculate old Toyota Landcruiser. To say that the  Japanese keep their cars clean and well looked after is an understatement. And to say that they revere classic engineering -that’s also obvious.

What actually burns into the cortex about Japanese car culture is actually a sense of understated style.

And this ‘cruiser, in all its beige glory – seems to encapsulate it all!