Toyota Camette


Not sure why but we missed this in this year’s Tokyo Show…or is that The Tokyo Toy show…either way, but we think Toyota are smack on the money for proposing this fun looking concept they’re calling the Camette Daichi.

Looking like a cross between a Kubelwagen and a Beach Buggy, the Daichi features a customisable body, with easily removable body panels, available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Apparently the body structure and components have been used to give parents and children the chance to become more familiar with the workings of motor vehicles.

According to Toyota the interior features seating for three in a triangular ‘1+2’ configuration to ‘create an intimate family driving space’, maximising parent-child communication. The pedals and seats are fully adjustable to allow children to operate controls (where legal), while an adult seated in the right rear seat can assist with steering and braking.

Sounds a little dangerous to us. But looks fun anyhow.