Toyota FT-86: The Scooby Counterpunch



No sooner had Toyota announced the advent of the long-awaited FT-86 supercar, than the digital rumour mill had begun to grind out the preposterous idea that that Subaru would also be offering a version of this prodigal child –  and a bigger, badder, faster version to boot.

According to various sources out there on the WWW, it seems that a turbocharged, 4WD version of the FT86 with the scooby magic has been confirmed as the Subaru A 216.

It has been known for a while that the two companies have been collaborating on the development of the the new model, but sources close to the industry have revealed finally that there will be clear water between the Toyota badged manifestation of the car and that bearing Subaru’s five stars.

As well as different model codings, the Subaru version will be driven by a 2-litre turbo, probably in the shape of an evolution of the lump that powers the Impreza 2.0 GT. Look out, also, for the inevitable STi version someowhere down the line. The 216’s body will be fatter, wider and longer, and of course the extra drive train metalwork will inevitably add a substantial bit of weight.

Prices haven’t as yet been released, but we reckon it would make sense for the scooby to sit somewhere around the £60K mark, broadly in line with the Nissan’s delectable GT-R.

Thanks to 7Tune for the scout.