Dan Gurney: All American Hero


With all the ever-continuing controversy about whether or not the Bernie’s F1 circus will condescend to touch down in the great United States next year, it’s easy to forget that in the 1960s American driver Dan Gurney – as well as 1961 champ Phil Hill – were hugely successful.

They bought something distinctly proletarian to the fervently European formula – and we would love to see that aspect of motor racing returning to the top level of the business.

Gurney, for example, was a great example of that square jawed authenticity – and Americans being the enterprising lot they are, they knew how to construct an ad campaign around the man’s visual presence.

And though there’s only a little bit of Dan in the video below, it’s dashingly constructed, saturated in Kodachrome, and brilliantly soundtracked. We suggest you check out the beauty of Dan Gurney’s Eagle as it streaks past in the fastest lap of the day

Happy Independence Day, to our American cousins.


2 Responses to “Dan Gurney: All American Hero”

  1. Matt Allen

    Flaps, bubbles and Champagne celebrations!

  2. vipertruck99

    cant mention dan without mentioning caroll,wheres the obituary mike?