Two Lane Blacktop – You Can Never Go Fast Enough.


The Two Lane Blacktop Feature in issue 5 may have inspired you to see the movie again, or indeed watch it for the first time. This beautifully filmed paean to the highways and country roads of America is cited by many as the movie that got them into cars.

Both the movie and the tribute album, You Can Never Go Fast Enough, are available from Amazon, along with Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue, which is on pre-order for its release later this year.


2 Responses to “Two Lane Blacktop – You Can Never Go Fast Enough.”

  1. Dont forget the ’70s classic , Vanishing point with Barry newman.

  2. Come up to date with a film called Octane, the film is around London/Brighton area, the feature car is a super charged V8 mk 2 Capri, it is well worth a watch.