Farbio GTS – Homemade Supercar


The Farbio GTS is a supercar with a difference. Not only does it have a better power to weight ratio than either a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari F430, it will it easily accommodate a 6’6″ driver complete with friend and the inevitable golf clubs. And on top of all that it’s made in Britain, in a sleepy South Gloucestershire village.

What’s more, and say this quietly, despite having a name reminiscent of a hunk of Italian beefcake, this is a supercar that actually has more than a modicum of taste, and as a result you can’t see it attracting the kind of snobbish disparagement reserved for the Italian stallions.

We felt the space in the magazine was best served with a full profile of the finished product, but we also visited the factory, and it provides quite a contrast with our visit to Bentley.