Vintage Surf Wagons


Strange Cornubian happenings continue to emerge now that the bulk of we grockles have gone back upcountry to our landlocked hovels, chained to our TFTs dreaming of halcyon days of summertime surf. Last weekend the World Bellyboard Championships attracted the biggest field of competitors and spectators ever – despite driving rain and stormy seas at Chapel Porth beach, just south of St Agnes.

But the current crop of dedicated revivalists of this ancient parochial art don’t merely transport themselves back to a time of ply-wrought innocence at the beach – they also utilise a diverse and attractive fleet of surf vehicles to indulge their retro-progressive passions.

Influx contributing photographer John Isaac (that’s him in the knitted cossie) is one of these stalwarts of new-age bellyboarding and the proud owner these days of the lovely Morris Traveller with which graced the Chapel Porth carpark.

We think you’ll agree that there could scarcely be a better way to spend a wet weekend.

Thanks to John Isaac & Shayne House for the pictures. To obtain a fine piece of original ply, check out The Original Surfboard Company.


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