Vintage Motorcycle Ads



Every now and then we like to share some of our favourite, particularly non-PC ad campaigns that have slipped through the censors. The world of motorcycle marketing has for obvious reasons been particularly adept at the supply of content over the years. Here are a trio of our favourite vintage motorcycle ads of recent weeks.

The Norton Commando ad at the top of the page seems to contain no reference to the actual riding of a motorcycle. Apart from the usual veiled clichés about ‘throbbing power between the legs’, this Wild Bunch seems to be completely personified in these feisty looking ladies… er…and the motorbike.


We love the Beach Boys-ish feel to the BSA ad: but there’s still a suspect implication that these fresh faced young fillies will grace your seat if only you go out and invest in one of these chrome tanked cuties. And as for the Yamaha DT; we never thought that such a drab motorbike would be taked with such a racy moniker – let alone equated with a louche temptress such as the woman in the foreground.