VW and Emissions


Will it stop you digging your Dub?

Emissions. These figures were always nebulous.

Take a look at yourself. Do you really, truly, understand what the relative density of a particular particulate, a particular noxious chemical, released per kilometre, per minute, per hour – actually means?

And if you do – and you’re not a professional scientist or an academic researcher – how strongly does it effect your car-buying decision?

No one, of course, likes to think that the automotive choices they make are killing polar bears.

There is one world. There is one Earth. And if we fail to regulate properly it won’t be long until the throbbing, sweating, oily, fossil-burning machines we love will be outlawed forever.


The recent revelations on emissions rate fixing on behalf of the VW group is doubtless the start of a serious reassessment for all of us on how we measure emissions, as well as fuel consumption and other figures relevant for regulation.

And in fact, the Volkswagen emissions scandal could be a wake-up call to automakers, and make them think even more seriously about investing in clean vehicle innovations, especially for those daily drives.

We hope there will come a time when we’ll all drive very low-emission vehicles on our daily round – and save that gawd-awfully beautiful V* for your sporting and leisure activities.

And anyway, more’s the point: will the VW scandal stop you digging YOUR DUB?

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