W111 Mercedes Benz


The W111 Mercedes Benz was a seminal shift in Germany’s postwar automotive evolution. Catering for a rapidly expanding middle class growing out of the ashes of war, it was a staple to the reconstructing executive class of Germany.

We spotted this very clean 220 automatic in the genteel environs of Bath recently, looking appropriately regal and poised in burgundy with an acreage of tawny leather. The sedan versions like this were built, apparently, only as late as 1969 but the fin-tailed design of course recalls a much earlier design aesthetic.

This version would have had the 2.2 litre straight six and with that automatic gearbox you can bet this stately cruiser would cost a pretty penny at the pump. Still, bravo to the brave and stylish owner who potters around in her. Long may she cruise.