What next for WRC?


Hold the front page! This weekend French savant Sebastien Loeb won the final stage of this year’s WRC in the Forests of Wales.

It may not be exactly a surprise, but it is fitting that the man who has dominated the sport’s current formula should finish the season on top – because the two litre turbocharged setup that has been at the forefront of world rallying is to end this year.

The changes are detailed at the WRC’s site here.

Beyond the technogeekery, it seems that the changes are not exactly revolutionary, to say the least.

If only, though, the FIA would bow to every petrol head’s secret wish – and bring back the brutal and dangerous group B phenomena that characterised the sport’s spectacular apogee in the 1980s.

We can’t corroborate our claims that the reintroduction of the no-holds-barred formula would represent universal appeal and put the sport at the forefront of things once more – but we reckon there is a massive constituency of folk out there who would love a return to balls-out bonkersness.

After all, without a modicum of danger, and a whiff of brutality, isn’t motorsport a contradiction in terms?


12 Responses to “What next for WRC?”

  1. Great. Vid and yes we all would love it but it ain’t gonna happen! More chance of Jackie Stewart winning 2011 fi!

  2. Martin Elliott

    TBH, not that much different from this year, apart from spectator safety/control. Not even a plastic tape as protection let alone marshall’s whistles !

  3. Taffyjames1951

    Bring back the old RAC Rally that was a 5 day event and covered the whole of Britain not just a watered down version of the Welsh Rally,this would test the reliability of cars and stamina of the crews.also the original format and bring back the Welsh and Scottish Rallies.

  4. Dan Coopa

    would love for group b to be reintroduced! also as stated below brittish rally was awesome brought it to more fans and let more people witness live rallying. do they still do night rallies today ? that looked pretty cool

  5. Ginjamaster

    With the Stratos coming back into production and AUDI on about making a homage to the CoupeQuattro, yes its about time there was something mad on the rally scene again, I’ve not watched it since the days of McRae and the 555 Subaru’s and Focus Mk1 WRC’s

  6. There is such a thing as the good old day,s bring them BACK.

  7. Group B was real racing, not this over priced cotton wool stuff we see today.