Yakima Ridge Runners


We stumbled across this vintage footage recently (below) of a bunch of old school American outdoorsmen who called themselves The Yakima Ridge Runners off-road club.

We’re not sure but we reckon the footage is from the late forties or early fifties and features the original civilian Willys CJ – the first and original 4×4 to be made for sale to the paying public.

This sort of hijinks would be difficult to get away with these days, and we’re probably on the side of the sort of off-road regulation that forbids the full scale and liberal laying waste to the pristine rivers and vales of the great outdoors…but we must admit the film does make us yearn for more innocent, freewheeling times.

The cars meanwhile, are about as simple and stripped-down as it’s possible to be, and if you’re using these things for the job they were intended that’s exactly the way they should be …


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