Lamborghini GT400 Monza


Every now and then a one-off special is the only thing to fantasise about.

This unique Lamborghini, with specially ordered bodywork by Modena artisans Georgio Neri and Luciano Bonacini, is just such a piece of work.

The pair of craftsmen were previously known for their undulating work on the ‘Nembo’ series of Ferraris, had worked on the bodywork for the 350 GT – and were bought on board to develop the 350 into the 400 GT.

Sometimes, the sweeping statements of ‘interim’ cars like this take all the best aspects of the existing cars and push the possibilities of the evolution in the most aesthetically pleasing ways.

It’s a low-slung, purposeful looking GT – and it foreshadows the more extreme manifestations of the late sixties Lamborghini style as exemplified by the Muira and, ultimately, the Countach.

Rare as hen’s teeth.