Alfa Giulietta Launch – Cyber-Tease


Many of you Alfaholics out there  will be aware of the forthcoming official unveiling at this year’s Geneva International Motorshow.

But in the lead up, Alfa Romeo is rolling out a ‘virtual ownership’ programme so you can get your vicarious cyber fingers all over the attractive little hatch.

Those who sign up will be first to get all the latest news, as well as unlocking a range of content that will give a taste of owning the car.

The original Giulietta launched way back in 1954, was an exceedingly pretty little car which came in various set-ups, our favourite being the sleek rakish Coupé penned by Bertone in 1958 (below).

There’s a nice symmetry to Alfa relaunching the Giulietta right now: a bold move in a crowded marketplace, just as early fifties Italy was in the depths of postwar gloom.  Let’s hope it is shot through with the requisite passion that gets Alfisti hot under the collar.

You can register to be virtual owners atthe Giulietta website.