Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


For us the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is an example of the car as a work of artistic composition. 

Its beauty lies in its proportions, in the relationship between the scale of the wheels to the body, the front grill to the headlights and those back fins to the rest of the car.

The aesthetics of the car’s lines makes the photographer’s job easy. Every side is its good side.


alfa_romeo_giulietta_sprint_spider_prototipo_002_1They were originally intended as a US only export but became a global success story of which 17,000 were produced in the 11 years they remained in production.

If you really can’t live without this beauty in your life then sell all your stock and get down to Brooklands near Weybridge on the 7th of June and join the bidding as one of the first 600 of those US exports goes under the hammer.

If you win her please send us some shots of you and your topless Italian model on your honeymoon.*1956-Alfa-Romeo-Giulietta-Spider-V1-1080