Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa


Not sure how we missed it at the time, but back in April at the exceedingly posh Villa D’Este car show, an incredible one-off special was announced that celebrated Alfa’s 100th year.

Just as well we didn’t spot it at the time, because we would have spend a whole summer lusting hopelessly after this beauty, mind-driving it through the workaday motoring moments of the week. The collaboration between Alfa and Zagato has always for us been a lovely bit of car-type cooperation, both the original TZ and the TZ2 being gorgeous pieces of breadvan-like sleekitude – crossed of course with the angular quirk of the Zagato pen.

The TZ3 Corsa is a one off built by Zagato for jammy git car collector Martin Kapp, and no, you will never own one. It is, however, based on the already otherworldly 8C Compezione, but has a super light weight carbon frame and that hand-wrought steel panel loveliness that the Z-cars are known for.

Fast, light and incredible to behold. It’s tuesday, I’m in Love.