Morgan’s Threewheeler


We’d heard that Morgan had planned to bring back their totemic Threewheeler for a while. We just didn’t reaslise how cool it was going to look; in an Orwellian, post war austerity kind of way.

You can imagine the teenage Sterling Moss rocking around the country lanes of England in the fifties. According to the great man, his Threewheeler was a real ‘babe magnet’.

However Sterling’s fillies reacted to the little motor, we think it’s a proper stroke of genius to bring it back the roads, celebrating the centenary of the company perfectly.

According to sources on next year’s launch the new Threewheeler’s power will come from a 1800 cc Harley Davidson V-twin that will produce the grunt of around 100 horses – which will be stirred through a five speed Mazda box. The whole issue will be sunk into tubular steel frame and wrapped in aluminum. Estimates suggest that the kerb weight will be under 500 kilograms which they reckon could propel this quirky little missile to a 60 in less than five seconds.

Oh well. Another vehicle on the wish list.

Images Morgan Motor Company


4 Responses to “Morgan’s Threewheeler”

  1. Sarahfinder

    Looks interesting. But is that a real photograph or just a digital creation. The gearstick looks kind of weird.

  2. Arkwright

    If you want a Morgan 3 wheeler, then start saving now. The price is expected to be £46,000.