Bertone Testudo Concept


We’ve mentioned the Testudo before, in the context of its amazingly mancave-ish interior. But we had a good look at this amazing car again recently and worth it was sharing some more pics.

One of the reasons we think it’s such an amazing creation is its very conception. Apparently the car, built as a design study to be presented at the Geneva show of 1963, was designed and produced in only two months.

Boldly infused with a very American style futurism, it came with a rear-mounted air-cooled boxer engine – as well as that forward tipping greenhouse canopy and that interior of course, straight out of The Jetsons.

The webs reckon it was driven to the show – a fully functioning prototype then – by the great Mr Nuccio Bertone himself.

Considering this thing of dashing beauty was built on the frame of a very workaday Chevrolet Corvair – we reckon it’s a truly brilliant example of passionate, focussed – if whimsical design. Whether or not Bertone was able to successfully court the American market is another question. Let’s hear it for the boldness of Bertone!