Bertone Ramarro Corvette Concept


In a piece of quintessential 1980s expansionism, Bertone, kings of angular audacity, decided to hit up the American market with the Ramarro concept (that’s ‘Green Lizard’ to you and I).

The Ramarro was based on a bog-standard 83 Corvette – and was we thing a misguided reach out to an American market hooked on the traditional values of cubic inches and heavy steel construction.

Would the yanquis ever have gone ahead with anything like this fusion of Italian futurism with the straightforwardness of Detroit brutalism?

We doubt it.

Still, the Ramarro was an interesting exercise. The cabin was swathed in an acreage of glass – and the wedgy, louvred design was reminiscent of the Alfa Carabo and other Bertone design studies. The interior featured lizard-like green leather upholstery and switchgear replaced gear shifters – a touch that in a sense foreshadowed Ferrari’s manettino system.

The Ramarro was unveiled in LA just ahead of the 1984 Olympic games – and though the design won many plaudits in the automotive press – stimulated no doubt by the surge of internationalism that accompanied the games – no manufacturers were inspired enough to hire Bertone’s designers.


Film below features a period-correct soundtrack by Jean-Michel Jarre.


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  1. Tuts01

    Not even Bertone can polish that sort of Chevy ugliness. What a beast”