BMW Mille Miglia Coupe Concept


Mille Miglia stylist

This concept is now nearly 10 years old but will clearly remain timeless. 

Developed by BMW to pay homage to the glory days of motorsport engineering excellence, it fuses history with cutting edge modernity to produce a piece of unique gothic art.

Inspired by, and named after, the 328 Coupe that won the Mille Miglia Italian road race in 1940, this 2006 production wraps a thoroughly modern carbon fibre-reinforced plastic body around a BMW Z4M drive train.

BMW never had any plans to go into production with this purely conceptual exercise, but as is often the case it proved a testing bed for soon-to-be-mainstream developments such as the LED headlight design.

Whilst idling in the realm of speculation it’s hard not to ask: ‘What if BMW put this into production now?’

With the recent upswing in interest for the renovated and rebooted classic car this ultimate retro fitted find from the BMW barn would surely be a big earner.